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What We Do

I provide creative, strategic advice to leading global environmental and conservation organisations, so they may effectively address our planet’s most pressing concerns. I have worked on campaigns all over the planet, working to stop whaling, deep sea bottom trawling, pirate fishing, deforestation and climate change, and pushing for the creation of marine protect areas and the furthering of polar science. I am committed to the promotion of a sustainable, equitable future for everyone on Earth, through changing attitudes and inspiring others to take positive and peaceful action.

  • Strategic Advisor: Advisor to international NGOs, ensuring environmental campaigns are clearly communicated to media, the public and policymakers, in support of reaching clear and measurable changes and objectives.
  • Media Relations: Confident press liaison and spokesperson, maintains strong relations with global top tier international journalists on a wide range of topics, including, but not confined to climate change, energy and oceans & fishing.
  • Editor: Swift and accurate editor, working with colleagues to ensure accurate, effective and engaging copy within legal and reputational risk limits, in line with organisational goals, strategies and tactics.
  • Writer: Clear, concise writing style, telling stories with energy, passion and humour via social media, press releases and op-eds. Have written extensively on the Arctic, Antarctic, and other environmental issues. Author of three books.
  • Project Management: Provides clear, structured oversight for development, execution and completion of international environment and conservation efforts projects in order to meet campaign objectives. Personable, collaborative leader and taskgiver; values development of mutual trust amongst team members. Identifies clear objectives; takes responsibility for decisions, can adapt plans to a changing landscape. Bonds with decentralised teams, fostering perspectives beyond national and cultural borders. Helps colleagues develop, create campaign strategies that match internal and external goals.
  • Digital Media: Publishing online since 1995; developed and managed social media outreach and blogs for Greenpeace, the International Polar Foundation, Antarctic and Southern Ocean and others.


    Provides detailed analysis of geopolitics and relationships between governments, companies and other relevant players. Authors detailed briefings for media and internal use that clearly define issues and campaign opportunities.

  • Photographer: Acclaimed solo exhibition of polar images, The Cold Edge, took place in Dublin’s Copper House Gallery in 2012, plus several exhibitions in Belgium between 2013 and 2015, including at the Belgian Senate, April 2013. Featured by The Guardian and Discovery News, and front cover of GEO France March 2013. View photography website »
  • Field-based Producer: Veteran of numerous ocean and polar expeditions. Balances rigours of ocean voyages and forest camps with campaign needs. Works closely with captains and expedition leaders on logistics, while managing photo and video teams to produce quality output.

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